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Who are BlueCow Hosting ?

BlueCowHosting is a group of bloggers that got into the Service Provider business because quite frankly we were not happy with the support we got from "disk space" providers. We had to learn how to install Wordpress, find the right plugins and add them, then build templates that we actually liked, manage any ad space that we needed which means modifying the templates to support ads, then interate all the components together.

We then decided, why not simply offer this service to others so they can get down to building great content instead of learning how to be a PHP expert. So with that in mind we created the BlueCow.

How to Contact Us

Sales : sales@bluecowhosting.com
Billing : billing@bluecowhosting.com
Support : support@bluecowhosting.com

Phone: +64-4-889-0280
Office Hours are 9am to 5pm New Zealand Standard Time

Skype ID: bluecowhosting

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